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When it comes to getting healthy, there’s always a conversation about how to calculate calories.  Specifically, how many calories are needed for optimum performance, energy, strength, or simply living daily life.

There are so many calculations out there it’s difficult to cut through all the CRAP and focus on what really matters.

The most ACCURATE way to calculate your total daily calorie need is by FIRST calculating how much energy your body burns per day, called the Total Daily Energy Expenditure (TDEE), which will be explained below.

Total Daily Energy Expenditure

Your Total Daily Energy Expenditure, or TDEE, can be calculated using the Calculator below.

calculate calories

Simply fill in the blanks and let the calculator do the math.





Body Fat Percentage is Required

For this calculation, you need to know your body fat percentage.

Your body fat percentage is the most accurate way to determine your Total Daily Energy Expenditure because muscle burns energy very differently from fat.   So much so that it can drastically change this calculation – even to a point where it could be ineffective.

Any gym can provide this information by taking a few simple measurements.

Even some scales these days can provide your body fat percentage by sending a current through your body as you step on the transponders on the scale with your bare feet.

Either way, for the best, most accurate result, you need to determine your body fat percentage.

Where does this Calculation come from?

3 Easy Steps to Calculate Calories

I assure you…I didn’t just make up this equation.

This calculator is for those of you who maybe don’t want ALL the info, just the juicy stuff.

Sooo…if you want the juicy stuff, like what a calorie really is, how this equation is based on three components of your daily life, and how to extract more nutrients from each calorie you ingest, you may want to read the full post.

More importantly though, if you’re trying to reduce body fat, increase lean body mass, repair your metabolic function, or simply just maintain your current weight, slight adjustments can be made to your Total Daily Energy Expenditure to help you reach these goals.

This post goes into all those details and more.

Check it out!

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