Park Workout – So Kids and Parents Can Move More

We Rely on Habits

Throughout the work week, I go to the gym in the morning. I’m pretty consistent because it has become a habit – a ritual.

I don’t think about it or reason with myself anymore. I just do it.

Naturally, some weeks are busier than others; and last week was one of those busy weeks.  I only went to the gym two days, instead of my usual three. 

Of course, I told myself that I could make it up by doing a workout over the weekend.

But this was out of routine, out of habit, and totally not normal for me.

So, you know what…I didn’t do it!

On the weekends, I want to spend as much time as I can with my family.

A trip to the gym and back, plus my typical 45-60 minute workout would mean I would miss out on 2-3 hours of family time!


Movement Doesn’t Mean “The Gym”

The gym is a concept for sure that has gotten more popular over the years, but it’s not a necessity.

I mean, did the Hunter-Gather societies stop everything they were doing so they could pack their bag and head off to the gym?

Hell No!

Movement doesn’t have to happen at the gym!

In fact, the gym is simply a supplement for not moving your body on a regular basis.

Eating unhealthy foods, then supplementing with vitamins doesn’t mean you’re eating well.

Therefore, not moving your body through the day, then supplementing with an hour at the gym doesn’t mean you’re moving your body!

I had a serious “aha” moment right then and there.

Incorporate More Movement

Jungle Gyms offer Great Workout Spaces

The next weekend, I took my son, Wyatt, to the park so he could play on the jungle gym.

As I watched him run around the park, slide down the slides, and throw mulch and rocks everywhere, it occurred to me that this would be a great time to add some movement into my life.

Instead of sitting on the bench and watching him move, why the heck don’t I get off my butt and move a little myself.

With a little creativity, there is always enough time, the perfect place, and the perfect way to move.

Don’t worry, all these exercises can be done while still watching the kids play in the park.

Park Workout

Park Workout  
ExerciseRepsBasic Moves
Walk to the Park--
Jumping Jacks1 minute-
High Knees1 minute-
Butt Kicks1 minute-
Push-Ups10Place your hands on a park bench or on the ground, but always keep a straight line from toes to shoulders.
Tricep-Dips10Sit on a bench and place your hands with fingertips forward next to you. Lift up and down keeping your butt close to the bench. The straighter your legs, the more your muscles will work.
Walking Lunges20Keep your upper body straight and keep knees in line with your ankles.
Hanging Rows10Hold onto a bar, walk your feet in front of you so you are leaning back, and pull your body to the bar.
Hanging Leg Lifts10Hold onto a bar and lift and lower your legs to work abdominal muscles.
>>>> Repeat 2 more times for a total of 3 Sets <<<<
Walk Home--

Do You Move with Your Kids Too?

Have you ever tried to exercise at the park? What type of exercises did you do?

Do you move with your kids during their play? Its amazing how much they move. Have you ever tried to follow and copy your kids’ movements through the day?

I bet we would be amazed at the amount of movement kids do!

Comment below and share your experiences, share your exercises, and join in the conversation. 

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