THRIVE – Group Health Coaching Program

The Coaching Program where you team up with others on the same path towards better health. Together, you finally achieve results like never before.

In this THRIVE Coaching Program, we work together to…

  • Trade stress for nourishment, health, and happiness
  • Make changes that stick and become Habits
  • Refill and Nourish yourself
  • Create actions and plans that are Individualized to YOU
  • Celebrate your Victories – and there will be many
  • Initiate a lifetime Experiment and find your best health at any age

Program Details

It’s about putting YOU in the driver’s seat, steering the car, and pushing the pedal.

As a Holistic Health Coach, I provide the signs – informing you of the speed limit, letting you know what’s up ahead, and especially where the “NO PARKING” signs are.

Improve all aspects of your life, not only your health, but also your body image, your emotional health, your financial health, your career, and your relationships with others.

It teaches you how to trust yourself again, believe in yourself again, and allows you to hold onto your own personal power and let it emanate through your soul.

What’s Included

  • Weekly 60-minute Sessions (12 Sessions Total)
  • Face-to-Face Sessions via Zoom
  • Email Support between Sessions
  • Individualized Action Plan
Health Coaching

Client Results

My clients have lost an average of 10-15 pounds over the 3 months.

They found foods that work FOR their bodies. Once they started fueling their bodies with the best foods, they doubled their energy.

We worked on reducing stress by cleaning up their daily schedule. As we removed meaningless tasks from their lives that didn’t align with their goals, they found more capacity to make changes – to make new healthier actions.

They experienced a whole new level of strength, beauty, and confidence in all aspects of their lives.


The THRIVE program is a 3-month program. There are options to invest in full, which saves 10% or invest monthly. You decide what works best for you and your lifestyle.

THRIVE Coaching Program Investment:

Invest in Full: $597 per person (10% Discount)

Monthly: $220 per person

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What are your Goals?

What are your current health goals?

Comment below on your biggest health goal and let’s start a conversation.

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