Wellness Tips with Tanya

I’ve partnered up with a non-profit organization, Urban Kidney Alliance, and each week we present a Facebook Live video on Wellness Tips.

Join me live, or watch the replays linked below, as we talk about stress, health, food, and everything kidney disease related every Wednesday at 7:30 pm Eastern Standard Time.

Watch the Show Replays

Episode 1: My Story

Episode 2: Top 5 Natural Ways to Keep your Kidneys Healthy

Episode 3: Reduce Stress by Reevaluating your Schedule

Episode 4: Reduce Stress with Healing Meditations

Episode 5: 7 Tips for Increasing Water Consumption

Episode 6: 7 Herbal Teas that Improve Health

Episode 7: How to Quit the Sugar Habit

Episode 8: How to Transition to a Natural Foods Lifestyle

Episode 8: The True Power of Movement

Episode 9: Add Movement Without Going to the Gym or Spending Money

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